Well, so it's almost a year since we've been in this new building.  We are in this open cubicle area where practically anyone can walk by and see what we're doing.


I usually sit on the middle right side. I also have my personal laptop on the left side of that (where the red chair is). There are also two computers on each corner of the horseshoe cubicle area.  Originally, my co-worker sat on this corner (left side):


So, I thought, okay, that'd be cool because then we'd had enough elbow room.  But nowadays, he's sitting on the opposite corner (right side):


So, as you can see, there wouldn't be any elbow room left for both of us!  I'm very frustrated because the reason I sat on that side is so we could have enough space to move around.  But he CHOSE to sit on that side! Grr! My drawer is on that side, too, and he usually props up his legs on the table, so it's very annoying when I have to get stuff from my drawer and his feet are up in the air like that.

ARGH!!!!  Okay, rant over.