It's kind of incredulous when you first read it, but hey if it works for them, I give them a thumbs up. But you probably won't see me joining them, just having something invade your body is kind of gross to me.

Easy "fix" !!

"I heard a news story on this over the weekend on NPR.  Luckily my children do not suffer with allergies but I think I might try this if they did. What do you guys think? Basically the theory is that people are getting allergies because we have been over-sanitized and the immune system does not have enough to do.  Some people and doctors have cured allergies (and other auto immune diseases like asthma and Crohn's disease) by infecting people and themselves with hookworms. 

Mother to my three boys"


We heard the story of Jasper, a man living in California who has suffered from acute allergies and asthma since early childhood. On a trip home to England about five years ago, he learned of a BBC report about hookworms and their potential benefit to humans. It seems that 50% fewer people in third world countries — where, among other things, much of the populace doesn't have indoor plumbing or even latrines — suffer from allergies than those in developed countries. Scientists believe that hookworms and humans can develop a symbiotic relationship: a person supplies the food for the hookworms living in his gut, and in exchange, the hookworms prevent that person's immune system from attacking itself. MS, Crohn's Disease, and other autoimmune disorders are less prevalent in people infected with hookworms.

Jasper immediately launched a search for hookworms but discovered that they couldn't be had through any legitimate means; after all, they can also pose a significant health risk. Desperate, and having exhausted all other options, he traveled through Africa for two weeks, visiting 30 or 40 villages and sloshing barefoot through just as many open sewers in an attempt to attract the parasite. Apparently he was successful, and he has been allergy and asthma free ever since (he's lucky that's all he caught). Jasper now owns his very own business selling his very own hookworms. Yup, you know where he gets them.

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