If you’ve been reading
the online alternative
press on the web, you’ve
heard that this device
actually exists. Designed
by Rektor Siegle, the
KUBE nuclear reactor
can generate 1000KHGz
of power, endlessly!

Based on technology
originally developed for
the exploration of Mars,
the KUBE X-15 uses newer clean nuclear energy.

Of course, this amazing
breakthrough will disrupt markets around the world. Especially
in the Middle East. Thus the secrecy of this message.

It’s SAFE! Because it’s designed for personal use with only small amounts
of hybridized plutonium, it’s safe enough for home use. In the event of
catastrophic failure of the device, you’re only exposed to
about as much radiation as you’d get sitting on the beach
for 4 hours. Now, the KUBE X-15 is undergoing federal
approval and is expected to be available in the fall.
TigerDirect.com has been chosen as the leading launch
partner for this endeavor. Again, it’s not available today,
but if you sign up below you can be the first to get off
the grid and power your home with a SAFE mini-nuclear

Get Notified on the KUBE X-15

Please fill out the form below in order to receive notification on the release date for the KUBE X-15. Remember the KUBE X-15 generates 50 years of pure power.

What would you do with this much power? #KUBEX15

While the MiniNuke is powerful, it is not a weapons-grade reactor. However we
plan to introduce an incendiary version next year.

This product has not been approved by the USNRC. They wouldn’t even take our
calls or return a damn e-mail! But we think
they’d have no problem with the KUBE.


  Pending approval by federal regulators. This item cannot be sold outside the United States.
Trade with Iran, North Korea, Cuba strictly prohibited.

Price of Plutonium may vary, based on world markets and political situations.

Umm… (April Fools?)