Walmart called — Your Photos Are Ready

Back By Popular Demand! has given us permission to post the pictures, as long as we tag them back. :) With the exception of the other individuals that had asked us to take off some pictures due to some tattoo artists’ art and what not, we are bringing back the pictures for your enjoyment.

322 thoughts on “Walmart called — Your Photos Are Ready”

      1. That is ‘So Right! My GAWD!’ Referring to the Te-Baggers. I don’t care if Michelle had facial hair – she got ‘Back’….& that’s what the President needs.

      2. Imagine if the Obama supporters actually had a camera instead of their 1 mega pixel Metro PCS obama phone to take pictures with! This website would be full of losers growing weed, smoking weed, drinking 40’s and other welfarish crap those thugs do while the “teabaggers” are at work or sleeping after working all day to pay taxes to support them…..

      3. @obama sucks: Uh, so how do you explain me? Very gainfully employed in the finance industry (office in 5 Times Square) and based on statistics, I am very likely to be closer to being the top 1% than you are…and for personal use I actually have an iPhone, for my work phone, I still like my Blackberry.

    1. It’s “they” genius liberal… and lose the k in American , unless you’re referring to the unproven Nobel Peace Prize immigrant at 1600
      Pennsylvania Ave. who has a Conn. SSN and whose name is linked to at least 2 aliases… as Red on that 70’s show would say, “DUMBASS!”

      1. ‘Amerika’, ‘Amerikan’, etc. is actually an inside joke….new to the internet?

      2. Obama, Michelle & Hilary are all the Big Dumb-asses! They are and will continue to destroy America, strip us or our religious beliefs, morals and the American way. Where was Obama on July 4th? Oh yes, he was busy spending 100 million dollars on his vacation. That means you and I paid for that. When did you take your last vacation. Mine was about 20 or so years ago. How about you? Where did you go? Just wait for your wife to be encased in a burka for the rest of her life and that we will all have to pray facing the correct direction 5 times a day and their horrible Muslim music blasted over loud speakers in your town or city. Just wait until you are waiting days to get medical care due to Obama Care. Wait until you lose your job, your career, your home. When his “genius” hits you; lets see how much you still stand behind this non-American two faced lying corporate bought bastard.

  1. Some of those were clearly taken at home, not in a studio, Walmart or otherwise. And Walmart doesn’t do off-location photography, either. In any event, these photos were truly horrendous. Not all of them would be the fault of the person behind the camera, either. Blame 80s styles, etc.

    1. AND WTF is wrong with ’80s STYLE? Most of my parachute pants & Mem-Only jackets still repel the rain today! Jack-axx, yuppie Izod-wearin’ Preppie!

  2. I’m tempted to book a holiday to America purely to go into a Walmart! I wonder what the best day to visit would be…………………….

    1. No need to go to the USA – WAM-Mart has bought lotsa store chains ’round the world – ‘BIG’ in Brasil, ‘Game’ in Africa, Ya never know, they could be posin’ as the Mom & Pop Store down the street from you. The Ghost of Sam Walton Lives!

    2. One’s in the Northeast would normally be a waste of your time, need to go to a state that sells t-shirts with confederate flags on them. THAT, is always an interesting thing to see.

    1. Actually, these people definitely represent the Bible belt, the south, the Midwest…the W. BUSH/ GOP constituency.

      Give me a break.

  3. I went on a date with a guy once. Before the date, he called me and told me he got his hair permed and that I’d “just love it” (really, I should have run then!). The date was horrid and we never went out again.

    He worked on the assembly line at Ford Motor Co and one day he was injured on the job and from what I heard “almost lost his entire hand”.

    I’m rather certain that’s him with the pregnant woman and the tire.

  4. I think the majority of you who post should take spelling lessons. Maybe you can pick up a grade one speller when next you visit Walmart

  5. Taking these lovely photos down is almost as lame as misspelling privacy. Your site is worthless, and you are indeed a pussy (and not in a good way.)

  6. Actually, I found amusing. I am 73 yrs old & the language & proniunciations is today’s world are a challenge to Senior Citizens. Watch Comedy Central & it gives you an example. I happened to see the pictures before you so stupidly withdrew them. Again, I nfound them amusing. Not a big belly laugh but a teeny, tiny giggle. Yes, 73 year old people really can still giggle!

    1. Phyllis, your name would go great on a personalised license plate, 64 feet wide. Slapping every oncoming car in 4 lanes WHOOP WHOOP ehhhh and went back to Anderson’s candy store for segundoes too, ah? Nice. Say hi to Max Von for me. I’m guessing Minnesota or Wisconsin. Great people. Adequate heating systems. Rock on. Thanks for having something cool and funny to say. Keep giggling.

  7. what a waste of time. you should just remove this article so people don’t come here expecting to see funny stuff and then see you pussing out over linking images.

    Just replace whatever you had with LINKS to the posts on the other site. As long as you link the post and not the image directly, it will be okay.


  8. The pictures were awesome. I went to show them to someone else and they were gone! There are too many to get through on the site and lots of others suck…..I am super pissed that they were taken down!!

  9. @Obama Sucks: Do some research so you stop looking like a total idiot – those phones you are talking about actually started with Reagan, not Obama. And your comment insinuates that anyone who smokes pot and/or drinks are losers. I actually have a job, have never been on unemployment or state assistance, raised two kids on my own before I met my husband, and am now a business owner and I enjoy the occasional 40 and hit off a joint. You should try it some time, may make you come off as less of a bore.

  10. So if you look really hard at the pic of the “naked leaf” guy, you will notice that the pic wasn’t taken in someone’s home. It looks as though there is art being displayed, almost like at a theater or art gallery. Maybe this guy was portraying Adam in a play, display, or exhibit of some sort and the girls wanted to take a picture with him. He honestly doesn’t look old enough to have 3 girls that age who look really close in age. Anyone else agree?

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