Wonder if it has started any in flight arguments or even fights ???
Knee Defender - The Travel Gadget

They even provide a lovely card to inform the person in front of you why he is being screwed out of reclining his seat:

Please Do Not Recline Your Seat

I have provided you with this card because I have long legs and if you recline your seat you will bang into my knees.

I realize that it can be nice to recline one’s seat, but I hope you would agree with me that it should not be done at the expense of crushing someone else’s knees – especially if this risk is known from the outset. Therefore, in order to avoid injuring me in the process, I would appreciate it if you would not recline your seat.

If you believe that this is an inconvenience for you – and I realize that it may be – then please complain to the airline so that they might be inspired to provide a solution.

Thank you. Have a nice flight.


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